Who Won The Lottery In Maryland?


Who Won The Lottery In Maryland
Winner – Ellwood ‘Bunky’ Bartlett, Dundalk, MD One of four winners in $330 million jackpot Winners also from Texas, New Jersey and Virgina

Who won Powerball 2022?

David Ritchie / $1,000,000. David Richie, of Ooltewah, Tennessee, was nearly speechless when he arrived at the Tennessee Lottery’s headquarters in Nashville to claim his seven-figure Powerball prize won from the June 11, 2022, drawing.

Where in Maryland was the Powerball won?

The $1 million winning ticket in Maryland was sold at Giant #310 located at 15520 Annapolis Road in Bowie (Prince George’s County). Three $50,000 winning tickets were also sold in Maryland for Saturday’s drawing, along with 84,260 others that won prizes ranging from $4 to $100.

Can lottery winners remain anonymous in Maryland?

Maryland is one of six states that allow Lottery winners to remain anonymous. (Baltimore Sun) Maryland, meet lucky lottery winners ‘Kathryn and Ricardo,’ ‘Nittany Lions Fan,’ ‘Ocean Pines Winner’ and ‘ The Three Amigos.’ They’re fabulously wealthy and largely anonymous.

What to do if you win the lottery?

What to do instead: Keep your win as private and anonymous as you can. This can be hard to accomplish, as the laws around lottery winners staying anonymous depend on the state you live in.

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Who won the 700 million lottery winner?

MORRO BAY, Calif. (KSBY/CNN) – More than 57 million Powerball tickets were sold in the U.S. for a drawing on October 4 th, but only one man beat the odds. Friday, he spoke with KSBY exclusively about what he plans to do with his newfound wealth. Scott Godfrey hit the nearly $700 million Powerball jackpot in October.

  1. He said, “At first it’s like you don’t think it’s real, like there’s something wrong with the ticket.
  2. You think it can’t actually be that.” A private man, he didn’t want us to show his face on camera.
  3. But the spotlight found him after he bought the winning ticket at the Albertsons on Quintana Road in Morro Bay.

“I saw actually a news report on TV where they had a dark image of the store in the morning and I realized I had been there last night and thought about the ticket,” Godfrey said. “Everybody thinks there’s a possibility of winning. It’s so infrequent that you can’t imagine it being you so it’s pretty special when you find out.” His Quick Pick ticket landed him the fifth-largest Powerball jackpot and the seventh-largest jackpot in overall lottery history.

  1. He chose a lump sum payout of $496 million minus federal taxes.
  2. So what is he going to do with all that money? He said, “We’ve already set up a foundation that’s going to receive quite a bit of the money for working on deliberate charitable things.” He’s making good on that promise.
  3. Thursday, he donated toys to KSBY’s Season of Hope Campaign with the help of some California lottery representatives.
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It’s safe to say he’s not the only winner that day. Albertsons, where the ticket was sold, will receive a bonus of $1 million. Carolyn Becker with the California Lottery said, “Schools across California across all 58 counties get to see part of this $78 million for services and programs those kids might not otherwise have access to.” Godfrey said, “We feel blessed and we feel like there is a direct reason that we were entrusted with this.

How do lottery winners receive their money?

Winning $731 Million Powerball ticket sold in Maryland | FOX 5 DC

– Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot prizes can be paid out in a single lump sum, or 30 graduated payments over 29 years. – In most jurisdictions, winners have 60 days after redeeming their ticket to choose between the lump sum or annuity option. – Federal and applicable state income taxes will automatically be deducted from your winnings.