Where Do The Dobre Brothers Live In Maryland?


Where Do The Dobre Brothers Live In Maryland

Lucas and Marcus
Personal information
Born Lucas Dobre-Mofid Marcus Dobre-Mofid January 28, 1999 (age 23) Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation YouTubers
YouTube information
Also known as Dobre Twins

Lucas and Marcus

Years active 2015–present
Subscribers 24 million (Lucas and Marcus) 10+ million (Dobre Brothers) 1+ million (Dobre Cars)
Total views 5+ billion (Lucas and Marcus) 3 billion (Dobre Brothers)
Network Fullscreen
Associated acts Jake Paul
show Creator Awards


Lucas and Marcus Dobre-Mofid (born January 28, 1999), collectively known as the Dobre Twins, are an American dancing duo and YouTube personalities who rose to prominence on the now-defunct video application Vine, They are part of the Dobre Brothers, where they are joined by their older brothers, Cyrus and Darius.

Where do the Dobre Brothers Live?

Wiki And Biography – Let see, the quick Dobre Brothers (Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus and Darius) intro first! Birth Name: Marcus Dobre, Lucas Dobre, Cyrus Dobre and Darius Dobre Born: January 28, 1999 (Dobre Twins, Lucas and Marcus) Cyrus Dobre on March 9, 1993 Darius Dobre on 1995 Birthplace: Gaithersburg, Maryland, US Age: 21 Years Old Girlfriends: Yes Profession: Prankster, TikTok Celebrities and Social Media Stars Martial Status: Single Net Worth: $18 million Dobre Brothers Dobre Brothers also known as Dobre Twins siblings are Popular American brothers known for social media and internet fame.

  • Dobre Twins born January 28, 1999 Lucas and Marcus,, Cyrus Dobre on March 9, 1993 and Darius Dobre on 1995,
  • These four brothers Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus and Darius are nick as Dobre Brothers.
  • All brothers are known for best gymnastic videos, pranks, flipping videos and vlogs.
  • They also started challenges and skits type of videos.

They started career with Vine back in 2014 and become one of successful social media personality in 2020. They are well known musers at YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. First of all, Marcus and Lucas Dobre started social media career by which later these twins included other two siblings in same career and become a team of 4 members.

  1. Moreover, they are part of team10 of Jake Paul YouTuber.
  2. Their father is a retired Gymnastic Olympic, by which all boys got great skills and stunts learned from their own father.
  3. They successfully attained millions of followers at Social media accounts, somehow their Instagram is already above 10 million in combined, more than million at twitter and 25 million at Ticktock and growing.

Peoples who follow them, love their stunts, gymnastic flips, jumping, dancing and vlog videos. Nonetheless, they are one of popular twin and siblings collaborative team in United States in term of social media celebrities. They got a huge list of awards and nominations already. Dobre Brothers (Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus and Darius at National Tv for Interview)

How much is the Dobre Brothers house worth?

The Dobre house: Price and Specifications – The Dobre Brothers House is located in Maryland and it created quite a sense of awe for their fans and the youtube community. The huge mansion or known as ‘ Dobre Brothers House ‘ consists of 10 bedrooms along with 6-7 bathrooms.

  1. The Dobre Brothers House stretches over approximately 5845sqft acquired of land which has all the amenities and luxuries.
  2. It has an in-ground swimming pool, a koi pond along with koi fish, a separate garage for expensive cars, and a fountain.
  3. The Dobre house specializes in modern artwork and design with construction including from glass and rock.

It has a separate guest house, and the worth of the Dobre Brothers House is around $4million.The dobre brothers house address is 7680 Stewart Hill Rd, Adamstown, MD 21710. The Dobre Brothers House in Maryland is very spacious and based on greenery around it.

Where is Lucas and Marcus Dobre’s house address?

Dobre Borthers Introduction – Lucas and Marcus are American dancing duo and social media stars. The name Lucas and Marcus originate from two twin brothers named as Lucas Dobre-Mofid and Marcus Dobre-Mofid. They born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S on January 28, 1999.

  1. Both are twins, so they age 21 years old this year.
  2. The popularity of these brothers reached maximum when both are seen together resembling each other in various dancing and prank videos over social media.
  3. Lucas and Marcus are also known by various nick names i.e Dobre Twins, Lucas and Marcus Brobre, TwinBotz and Dobre Brothers.

However, Dobre twins are the most popular twin brothers of United States in term of social media and internet personality. Both started their internet celebrity career together in 2014, with creating account at Vine application. They both collected more than half million followers there to their common account TwinBotz.

  1. Lucas and Marcus are expert in Break Dancing, Flips, Stunts, Dancing, Challenges, Skits, Gymnastics and creative pranks.
  2. So, that was the reason they grown very fast at the dancing and video sharing applications.
  3. Later, with defunct of Vine application in 2016, they have to shift their talent to other new platforms to continue their journey, so both moved to YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to make their content stream continue for followers and subscribers.

Basically, After getting success at Vine, they were already holding a lot of followers which helped them to grow faster at other social media. In matter of time, both created account at TikTok, which just got viral and gained a huge stream of followers more than Vine in very short time.

The content posted there was same as earlier like flipping stunts, break-dancing, jumping, dancing steps and gymnastics. However, along with TikTok, they created a YouTube Channel named as “Lucas and Marcus” where they started posted a good quality and lengthy Prank videos and Vlogs. These videos given them great chance to become a YouTuber and to generate revenue out of it.

So, looking their sky rocketing popularity at YouTube, a american YouTuber Jake Paul invited them to collaborate some content and added both of Dobre twins in to his Team10 project. This collaboration and becoming a active Team10 member given them a more rise in fame and audience.

Now, there tiktok account and YouTube Channel with million of followers is known as “Dobre Brothers” because they extended twin videos now in to whole siblings videos. Yes, now Lucas and Marcus added their siblings Cyrus and Darius in their videos and Pranks making their YouTube channel a whole Dobre family channel.

Moreover, they already got massive fans following as per now, these are brothers who ranked in top 10 social media influencers of United States. Most of fans want to contact them so that they appreciate their work and show some love to them. By this, Lucas and Marcus phone number is in huge demand from their followers, so that they want to call on telephone and personal cell phone.

Other than phone number, Dobre Brothers Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus and Darius Email address is required to send email messages for business inquires and fan emails. Alongside, recent house address of Dobre Twins and Dobre Brothers is available; by which fans are able to send postal and fan letters with ease.

Lucas and Marcus house address is based MaryLand, US. Furthermore their updated biography, wiki, figure details, net worth, girlfriends, family and other related information is also shared. So, below you will find Dobre Brothers contact details. Dobre Brothers

Who are the Dobre Twins?

Who are the Dobre brothers? – American dancers Marcus and Lucas are well-known on social media. The twin brothers Lucas and Marcus Dobre-Mofid are the source of the names Lucas and Marcus. On January 28, 1999, they were born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in the US.

  1. Since they are identical twins, they turn 21 this year.
  2. When both of these brothers were spotted together in numerous dance and prank videos posted on social media, their popularity surged.
  3. Additionally, Lucas and Marcus are referred to as the Dobre Twins, Lucas and Marcus Brobre, TwinBotz, and Dobre Brothers in numerous slang terms.

However, in terms of social media and online personalities, the Dobre twins are the most well-known twin brothers in the United States. Together, they launched their online famous careers in 2014 by opening accounts on the Vine app. To their shared account TwinBotz, they each amassed more than 500,000 followers.

Break dancing, flips, stunts, dancing, challenges, skits, gymnastics, and original practical jokes are all things Lucas and Marcus are skilled at. This explains why they developed so quickly in the dance and video-sharing applications. After the Vine app was discontinued in 2016, they were forced to migrate their talent to new platforms to maintain their careers.

As a result, they both went to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to keep their content stream going for fans and subscribers. Basically, after finding success on Vine, they had a large following, which aided in their rapid growth on other social platforms.

  1. Both quickly opened accounts on TikTok, which recently went viral and quickly amassed far more followers than Vine.
  2. Similar videos of gymnastics, flipping feats, breakdancing, leaping, and dancing were posted there.
  3. But in addition to TikTok, they also formed a YouTube channel called “Lucas and Marcus” where they started posting high-quality and extensive Vlogs and Prank films.

These films gave them a fantastic opportunity to join YouTube and start making money from it. In response, American YouTuber Jake Paul requested the Dobre twins to cooperate on some content and recruited both of them to his Team10 project after seeing their skyrocketing popularity on YouTube. Where Do The Dobre Brothers Live In Maryland Source: Caknowledge.com