What Is The Largest City In Maryland?


What Is The Largest City In Maryland
Baltimore Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Maryland?

Rank City Population
1 Baltimore 576,498
2 Columbia 105,412
3 Germantown 89,529
4 Silver Spring 81,069

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How many major cities are there in Maryland?

There is one major city in Maryland, which is Baltimore. A major city is city with a population greater than 100,000. What is the capital of Maryland? The capital of Maryland is Annapolis, whose most recent population was 39,223.

Where are the biggest and smallest cities in Maryland?

It what is probably the most simple analysis we run each year, we ranked every place in Maryland from biggest to smallest. The biggest city this year? That would be Baltimore. The smallest? Tilghman Island, although there are places smaller than 1,000 people not listed here, so keep that in mind as we take a look at the top ten.

What is the population of Maryland in km2?

List of Largest Cities in Maryland Maryland is a state in the United States of America, borders the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Delaware in the Mid-Atlantic area. The state ranks 42nd in terms of size, with 32,133 km2, and 19th in terms of population, with 5,928,814 people (2013 estimate) living at a density of 230 per km2.

  • Baltimore is Maryland’s biggest city, with a population of 622,104 people and a 209-square-kilometer area according to the 2013 census.
  • Annapolis, Maryland’s capital and 24th biggest city, is situated in Anne Arundel County and has a population of 38,722.
  • The population of the 25 biggest cities mentioned below is ranked.
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: List of Largest Cities in Maryland

What are the best cities in Maryland to live in?

1 Ocean City 2 Cambridge 3 Baltimore 4 Elkton 5 Cumberland 6 Salisbury 7 Bladensburg 8 Laurel 9 Hyattsville 10 Westminster