How To Become A Cna In Maryland?


How To Become A Cna In Maryland
CNA Classes & Programs in Maryland The first step in becoming a CNA in Maryland is completing a state-approved training program and passing a certification exam. Additional nursing certifications are available as stand-alone programs or offered in conjunction with the baseline CNA training, and require additional certification exams.

Program Length: CNA training programs vary in length and can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to complete. In Maryland, CNA training programs must include a minimum of 100 hours of total training, with a minimum of 40 hours allocated to clinical practice. For programs that combine the baseline CNA training with a specialization such as GNA training, they take longer than 100 hours of training to complete.

Program Cost: The cost of CNA training varies from school to school. As one example of program costs, the CNA/GNA training program at in Baltimore costs $995 in 2019 which includes tuition and lab fees for the program. Students will also incur additional costs for books, uniform, certification exams, and fingerprinting and background check.

Online/In-Person Options: All CNA training programs include classroom instruction, lab instruction, and hands-on clinical practice components. In some cases, there may be an opportunity to satisfy the classroom learning component online, which offers flexibility and convenience to working students or those with personal obligations that make commuting to campus difficult or even impossible.

How much does a CNA course cost in Maryland?

Maryland CNA Classes & Testing Costs – To gain a CNA certification in the state of Maryland you must pass a state-approved course. These must have a minimum of 80 hours, at least 40 of which must be dedicated to clinical classes. Most courses do end up taking longer.

  • This combination of in-person and classroom learning is designed to make graduates job-ready to work straight away, and CNA classes are often taken in tandem with other specialized courses to optimize preparation.
  • You must schedule the official exam yourself, and both skills and knowledge testing come to around $105.

Certification costs vary depending on when and where candidates train. CNA classes in Maryland will cost on average between $600 to $2,000 for tuition, plus textbook costs, uniform costs, and the like. The initial certification costs around $20, which raises upon renewal to $40.

What is a CNA salary in Maryland?

How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant make in Maryland? The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Maryland is $35,419 as of October 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $32,278 and $39,106, Salary ranges can vary widely depending on the city and many other important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

How long does CNA certification last in Maryland?

​Nursing Assistant Certification All nursing assistants must be certified in order to work. If there are any nursing assistants working in your facility who are not certified, they must immediately apply for certification. The CNA certification is the basic level of certification.

  • Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) – has passed the Geriatric Nursing Assistant examination and meets Federal requirements – required for all nursing assistants working in licensed comprehensive care facilities.
  • Certified Medicine Aide (CMA) – meets state requirements – required to administer medications in a licensed comprehensive care facility. Only a GNA with one year of experience and who has completed an approved 60-hour medicine aide course taught in a community college are eligible to become a CMA.
  • Dialysis Technician – Meets training requirements of the state – required to work in dialysis units in Maryland. Click here for more informing on becoming a Dialysis Technician,

GNA Registry Federal law requires that a state maintain a GNA registry listing the status of GNA certification and those who have had disciplinary action taken against them. The Board has a combined CNA certification database with the GNA registry. Information regarding GNA certification will be found on the Board’s license verification web site,

  1. There is no cost for the registry.
  2. Renewals of certification are now handled by the Board.
  3. GNA Testing Examinations are offered through Credentia a subsidiary of Pearson Vue Testing, the Maryland Geriatric Nursing Assistant Testing Service, and (MDGNATS).
  4. Pearson Vue notifies the Board with examination results.
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Those passing the examination will be provided a GNA certificate. A new certificate will be issued with the GNA initials at the next regular renewal. The GNA certification will appear on the online verification at the Board’s web site under “License” in the top green title bar.

  1. MDGNATS offered by the Credentia (phone: 877-437-9587) may be contacted directly to:
    • Obtain the Maryland Geriatric Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook which explains the written and clinical testing process, including the 20 skills tested in Maryland;
    • Register for the examination: To download the application to register for the GNA Examination, please follow these 3 QUICK and EASY steps. Go to the Pearson VUE website at Click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the home page to display the search box, then type in your state and Nurse Aides (ex., Maryland Nurse Aides)Scroll down to the ‘Downloads’ section and click on the link for ‘Application for Competency Evaluation’. Then print, complete and send your application along with the supporting documents and payment.
    • Cancel a scheduled test session.
    • Arranged special accommodations. (Instructions on the application)
    • Change the candidate’s current address or name prior to testing. Driver’s License or ‘Proof of Address Change’ document is required on the day of the exam. Credentia may be reached at: 877-437-9587 to update your address.
  2. CNA training programs must be approved by the Board of Nursing prior to accepting students. Students will not be permitted CNA certification if they complete a program that has not been approved by the Board and will not be eligible to take the GNA examination. A list of Board approved Nursing Assistant training programs is available on the Board’s web page. Click here for information on how to become an approved CNA and or dialysis technician training program.

Training programs, which have not been approved by the Board of Nursing, must immediately cease and desist training candidates. The training program must submit all materials specified in the Regulations Governing Nursing Assistant Training Programs, COMAR 10.39.02.

  1. Interested parties may contact the Board at [email protected] ​.
  2. Renewal of CNA Certification CNA certification is for a 2-year period following the date of the first renewal.
  3. Costs for renewal is $40 for the 2-year period.
  4. The expiration date of certification for GNAs, Medicine Aides, and Home Health Aides match the CNA expiration date.

There is no charge for the GNA or Medicine Aide certification. Those certificate holders that have initially been certified will be required to re-certify as the certification expires on the 28th day of the individual’s birth month in an odd or even year.

  1. If the individual is born in an odd year the certificate will expire in an odd year.
  2. If the individual is born in an even year the individual will expire in an even year.
  3. The Board of Nursing is responsible for processing GNA certification and renewals, not the testing service.
  4. GNA certification will be indicated on the CNA certification.

There is no cost for GNA certification or renewal if the individual meets the requirements for GNA certification. GNA certification will expire at the same time as CNA certification. updated 12/5/2017

Do you need a GED to be a CNA in Maryland?

Baltimore’s Leading Nursing Assistant School – Founded in 1998 – For 20 years, we have been dedicated to meeting the highest standards for our students, faculty and employers. We are honored to be licensed by the Maryland Board of Nursing and Maryland Higher Education Commission, as well being approved as a Workforce Investment Act Occupational Training Program.

9 Week to 13 Week Classes Day or Evening Classes On-Site Skills Lab Inquiries Release Form CNA/GNA Application

How long is a CNA course?

How Long Will a CNA Program Take? – Generally, most certified nursing assistant programs may take between four and 12 weeks. This is broken into instructional hours and clinical practice. A typical 120-hour CNA program offered over six weeks may include four weeks in class and two weeks in a clinical setting, depending on state guidelines.

What type of CNA gets paid the most?

Hospitals. CNAs who work in hospitals have the highest average pay, at $16.18 hourly. Specialized CNAs in this setting can earn substantially more. The highest-paid specialties for CNAs include the ICU, Operating Room, Telemetry, Emergency Room, and Medicine and Surgery.

What state pays CNAs the most?

What is the highest-paying state for CNA? – Alaska is the highest-paying state for CNAs, earning $43,080 per year. Because the state has one of the highest costs of living in the country, employers need to provide a higher-than-average salary.

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Who pays the most for CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary By State FAQs –

  1. What is the highest-paid state for certified nursing assistants? The highest-paid state for certified nursing assistants is Hawaii with an average salary of $45,187 per year.
  2. What city pays certified nursing assistants the most? Portland, ME pays certified nursing assistants the most with an average salary of $38,636 per year.
  3. What is the worst state for certified nursing assistants? The worst state for certified nursing assistants is Mississippi with an average salary of $25,164 per year.

How long does it take to get a Maryland CNA license?

Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Clinical Nurse Leader master’s option students are eligible to apply for a CNA license after successful completion of their first semester. The Board of Nursing (BON) has created a modified PDF application for nursing students.

Steps to Complete Your CNA Application Initial Application for CNA Criminal History Record Check

Note: The BON is experiencing extreme delays right now. The estimated processing time is about 6 – 10 weeks, but could potentially take longer. In order to ensure that your application is processed with no issues, please verify that you have completed all highlighted sections and attached the required documents before submitting.

How long are most CNA programs?

For many people interested in the field of nursing, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is the first major step in the journey. It’s one of the best ways to break into the healthcare world, and it’s a tried-and-true method for many nurses to get real-world experience in the field and start making an income in a relatively short time frame.

  1. A career as a CNA is a rewarding and valuable path in and of itself, but it also serves as a great stepping stone if you’re interested in other areas of nursing.
  2. CNAs can go on to become licensed practical or licensed vocational nurses (LPNs or LVNs), or obtain a more advanced degree to become a registered nurse (RN).

The experience you gain from working as a CNA will be invaluable in these career paths, and many advanced programs take your previous CNA work experience and training into account, sometimes even allowing you to graduate sooner than your peers. Many aspiring nurses have one big question about becoming a CNA: How long does it take to get a CNA certification? While the answer isn’t exactly cut and dry, most CNA certification programs take between four and 12 weeks to complete.

How do I keep my CNA license active in Maryland?

CNA Certification Renewal in Maryland – When you live in Maryland, your will need to renew your certification every 2 years to continue working as a certified nursing assistant. In order to renew your certification you must have worked a minimum of 16 hours in a nursing assistant position during the 24 month period.

  1. You should receive your renewal paperwork a few weeks prior to your certification’s expiration date.
  2. Complete the form and send it back to the address listed on the paperwork.
  3. This needs to be done before the date that your certification expires.
  4. If you have let your license lapse, you will need to contact the Maryland Board of Nursing or visit their website at: to find out what is needed to renew your nursing assistant certification.

Maryland now offers online CNA certification renewal. You can access it at:, If you wish to renew online, you MUST have your SSN on record with the board. If your SSN is not on file with the board, you will have to complete the mail-in renewal form.

Can you be a CNA with a high school diploma?

Serving Toledo, OH & Surrounding Areas 5237 Renwyck DrSuite AToledo, OH 43615 If you are interested in starting a career that matters, or interested in embarking upon a career in healthcare with unlimited opportunities and potential, then Richard Medical Academy’s CNA/STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) program is specifically designed to meet your needs.

  1. The CNA/STNA training program has been carefully designed for individuals who have the passion and commitment to care for the needs of others.
  2. Our CNA/STNA classes are designed to accommodate everyone.
  3. Even if you have no previous medical experience, we assure you that our training program is all you need to get started in this field.

Candidates do NOT have to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent, but you should be able to read and write. This training prepares students for entry-level positions as a nursing assistant and as candidates for the State of Ohio Nurse Assistant Examination.

  1. The focus of this training program is on the care of elderly or disabled individuals in a nursing facility and in the home.
  2. The training also covers knowledge on care for people with different limiting medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Our classes prepare you to take The State Board Exam for Nurse Assistant and is aimed at producing nurse assistant who are specifically trained, competent and able to perform assigned functions of personal care to the patient in their residence, long-term care facility, hospital, assisted living or hospice care.
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Easy Enrollment at the RMA CNA/STNA School in Toledo: Our representatives will help you through each step of the enrollment process explaining each step clearly. The RMA STNA school in Toledo, Ohio offers day and evening classes taught by Registered Nurses who are qualified and certified instructors in compliance with the Ohio Health Department regulations.

  1. Our instructors are qualified nurses with experience in both health care providers and classroom settings.
  2. Day Classes are from 8 am until 500pm Monday through Friday.
  3. The class lasts only TWO weeks! Evening Classes are from 5:00 pm until 10:15 pm Monday through Friday.
  4. This program also takes only THREE weeks to complete.

Registration is fast and simple and we provide a continuous schedule for future classes. * Our classes run Mondays through Fridays Just Walk In! Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For weekend appointments, please call us. Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm Weekends: By appointment

Do you need a GED to be a CNA in Illinois?

Can I Still Get CNA Certified if I Don’t Have a High School Diploma? By Lainie Petersen Updated July 01, 2018 If you don’t have a high school diploma, you can still enroll in a Certified Nursing Assistant program. Each training program has its own requirements for admission, which may include passing an admittance examination or providing ACT or SAT scores.

If you hope to advance in a health care career, however, getting a high school diploma is often necessary before pursuing further education. To become a CNA you’ll have to complete a training program and then pass a certification exam. The program or your state may also require you to pass a criminal background check before you can be added to your state’s CNA registry.

For example, in Illinois, CNAs must complete at least 120 hours of instruction, then pass a competency exam. Contact your state’s board of nursing to learn the requirements in your area. Many nursing homes offer short training programs, as do trade schools, junior colleges and even some high schools.

Each program has its own admission requirements, but many do not require you to hold a high school diploma or GED. If you don’t have a diploma, the school may require you to take an admission examination instead. These exams usually test basic academic skills, such as math, reading and writing. Even though you don’t need a high school diploma or GED to become a CNA, there are often significant advantages to having one.

Some employers prefer to hire people with a high school education, so having the diploma can improve your job prospects. If you plan to move into another health care field, such as nursing, you’ll need to have a GED or high school diploma to be admitted to a required educational program.

Nursing homes often offer CNA training at no charge and The National Network of Career Nursing Assistants advises contacting nursing homes in your area and asking about their training programs. If you choose to complete your training at a community college or trade school, contact its financial aid office to find out about opportunities for grants and scholarships.

Other options include contacting a local Career One Stop agency to ask about workforce training grants or assistance available through your state’s social services or elder care services agencies. Be wary of completing your training through for-profit trade schools and colleges: You could end up paying a lot of money, or incurring high student loans, for training that you might have got for free at a nursing home or at low cost through a community college.

How much CNA make an hour?

CNA Salary Per Hour – As an entry level position, CNA jobs may pay employees an hourly wage. For aspiring nursing assistants who are wondering about average hourly rates, the BLS reports a median hourly wage for nursing assistants of $13.72 nationwide. According to the BLS, nursing assistants can expect to make between $10.24 and $19.02 per hour.

How much does a CNA earn per month?

As of Oct 19, 2022, the average monthly pay for a CNA in the United States is $2,765 a month. While ZipRecruiter is seeing monthly salaries as high as $4,292 and as low as $1,542, the majority of CNA salaries currently range between $2,250 (25th percentile) to $3,125 (75th percentile) across the United States.