How To Apply For Extended Unemployment Benefits In Maryland?


How To Apply For Extended Unemployment Benefits In Maryland
Filing Weekly Claims (Certification) and FAQs – You must file a weekly claim to prove that you are still eligible and qualify for unemployment benefits. You have up to 7 days immediately after the end of each week that you are unemployed to file this weekly claim.

  1. Weekly claims can be filed online or by phone at (877) 293-4125.
  2. If you don’t file your weekly claim within the required time, your benefit payments may be delayed or denied.
  3. You must call the DUI for assistance.
  4. If there is a problem with your claim that should be resolved before benefits can be paid or you have appealed a denial in benefits, you must still file a weekly claim online or over the phone.

If it is determined that you are eligible or if you win your appeal, you will be paid these benefits retroactively. However, if you win the appeal but have not claimed benefits, you will not be paid for these weeks. I filed my unemployment claim several weeks ago.

Will I receive back pay once my claim is approved? Over the past few months, the DUI has streamlined its application, improved its claim processing time, and hired more live agents to address incoming phone calls. Even with these measures, there is still a backlog of claims in the process. If you are waiting to hear back about your claim, you will receive retroactive benefit payments up to the date that you were determined eligible as long as you filed your claims each week.

This also applies to the FPUC $600 per week additional benefit, which expired the week of June 25. If you have filed an unemployment claim before that date and are still awaiting a response regarding your eligibility for unemployment, you will be paid retroactive benefits for the back weeks of FPUC if you are eligible.

  1. This is the case even if the decision is not made until after the July 25 expiration date.
  2. If you are not eligible for regular unemployment, you may collect benefits under the PUA program.
  3. To determine eligibility, you must file a new unemployment insurance claim if you have not already done so.
  4. Once your eligibility is determined, the DUI will notify you electronically about what steps you need to take to be paid PUA benefits.
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While you are waiting to hear back, you should continue to file weekly certifications. If you are eligible for PUA benefits for weeks that have already passed, you may recover back pay if you submitted weekly certifications. My employer reduced my hours due to the pandemic.

  1. Can I still collect unemployment benefits? Individuals who work reduced hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic may still be eligible to collect partial unemployment benefits if your gross earnings are less than the weekly benefit amount.
  2. You must continue to file your weekly certification and report any of your wages earned during the week.

Wages earned may reduce your unemployment benefit.

Can I get an extension on my unemployment benefits Maryland?

If you applied for Unemployment Insurance (UI) or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) earlier in the COVID-19 public health emergency, you may have exhausted or are about to exhaust your benefits. These extension are not automatic, however. You will need to apply and fill out an application to receive extended support.

Can you reapply for unemployment after it runs out Maryland?

If you wish to reapply for benefits, you should access your BEACON portal from an internet browser, click on the ‘Apply for Benefits’ link on your home page, and follow the steps. You cannot complete this process from the MD Unemployment for Claimants Mobile App.

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How long can you get MD unemployment?

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible For Unemployment Insurance? – Eligibility for unemployment insurance cannot be determined until you actually file a claim. To be monetarily eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits you must have worked and had sufficient earnings during the “standard base period” and be separated from your employment through no fault of your own.

Month/Year Your Base Period is the Prior
January, February or March October 1 to September 30
April, May or June January 1 to December 31
July, August or September April 1 to March 31
October, November or December July 1 to June 30

If you are not monetarily eligible using the ‘standard base period,’ then an ‘alternate period’ can be explored. An ‘alternate base period’ is the one year period made up of the four most recently completed calendar quarters immediately preceding the start of the benefit year.

For example, if you filed your claims in July, 2015 and were not monetarily eligible using the ‘standard base period,’ then, at your request, eligibility using quarterly earnings from July 1, 2014 through June 20, 2015 can be checked.” Unemployment insurance benefits range from a weekly benefit amount (WBA) of $50 per week to a WBA of $430 per week.

Your WBA is determined by your wages during your base period. Your claim is effective on the Sunday immediately prior to the date that you file for benefits, and remains in effect for one year. You can receive up to 26 weeks of total unemployment insurance benefits if you meet all the requirements of the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law.

During periods of extremely high unemployment, a special federally funded program may be in effect, which provides additional weeks of benefits. You will receive a Determination of Monetary Eligibility in the mail that will list all of your base period employment, and the earnings that were reported by your employer as paid to you during this period.

If any employer, or any wage amounts are incorrect, you must contact your claim center within 15 days and file a wage protest. After opening your claim, you will be mailed a pamphlet with instructions on how to file your continuing claims (telecert/webcert) and what your responsibilities are as a claimant.

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What are the extension dates to file Pua claims Maryland?

Enactment of the Continued Assistance for Unemployed Workers Act of 2020 (CAA) in December 2020 and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in March 2021 extended the PUA program beyond 12 months to expire on September 6, 2021.

What is the highest amount of unemployment you can receive?

Español The unemployment benefit calculator will provide you with an estimate of your weekly benefit amount, which can range from $40 to $450 per week. Once you submit your application, we will verify your eligibility and wage information to determine your weekly benefit amount.

For more information, refer to How Unemployment Insurance Benefits Are Computed (PDF) or the Unemployment Insurance Benefit Table (PDF), If you did not work at any time in the last 18 months and did not earn any wages, your estimated weekly benefit amount will be $0 because you did not earn enough wages during your base period to qualify for unemployment benefits.

For more information, visit Eligibility Requirements. You do not need to apply. Note: If you believe that you are misclassified as an independent contractor, we encourage you to apply for benefits, and we will determine your eligibility. To get started, gather your total wages from all employers for the last 18 months and follow the steps below.