How Much Do Cigarettes Cost In Maryland?


How Much Do Cigarettes Cost In Maryland
Cigarette Prices by State 2022

State Price Tax
Alaska $10.46 $2.00
Hawaii $10.41 $3.20
Maryland $10.26 $3.75
Illinois $10.16 $2.98

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How much is a pack of Marlboros in Maryland?

America: Prices by City of Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) (Markets)

City Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro)
Baltimore, MD, United States 9.99
Victoria, Canada 12.05
Windsor, Canada 10.41
Birmingham, AL, United States 7.00

How much are Marlboro Reds in Maryland?

This average is based on 8 price points.

In what state are cigarettes the most expensive?

Average Cigarette Price in the US – Would you like to know how much money you spend on your smoking habit? ( National Cancer Institute ) Typically, a US smoker smokes around 15 cigarettes a day (more than half a pack), with the average price of a pack of cigarettes at $6.28.

A New Yorker smoking 40 cigarettes per week will spend $1,336/year on cigarettes. New York has a cigarette tax of $4.35 per pack

( Masslive, Statista, America’s Health Rankings ) A smoker’s life in Massachusetts is far from cheap, Although not among the cheapest cigarettes by state, the average price for a pack of cigarettes In MA is $9.95, An average smoker then will spend over $2.3 million on cigarettes in a lifetime. In 2020, the excise tax per pack in MA was $3.51 and will remain until the end of 2021.

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According to one survey, only 11% of those living in MA smoked in 2020. There’s a sharp difference between the male and female population of smokers in Massachusetts—smoking prevalence is higher among men than women at 12.8% and 9.5%, respectively.

( World Population Review ) The following presents the top cheapest price of cigarettes by state, (The most inexpensive cigarette dollars are located on the East Coast,)

State Price/ pack
Missouri $5.25
Virginia $5.25
Tennessee $5.30
North Carolina $5.45
West Virginia $5.43
Louisiana $5.44

Are cigarettes cheaper in Maryland or Delaware?

How Much Do Cigarettes Cost In Maryland Man holding cigarette There’s a fear that Pennsylvania’s recent cigarette tax increase will drive smokers to buy cigarettes in neighboring states at a lower cost. On Monday, a $1 per pack tax increase on cigarettes went into effect, bringing the total state cigarette tax to $2.60 per pack.

The state is estimated to bring in $425 million a year from the additional tax, which was central to the 2016-17 budget compromise. If you live in Pennsylvania near a state with lower cigarette taxes, is it worth it to cross state lines? Well, first of all, we must share a disclaimer: If you buy cigarettes outside of Pennsylvania, you are required to pay Pennsylvania cigarette taxes on those purchases.

That means it would never be cheaper to buy out-of-state cigarettes because you’d be paying state taxes at your point of purchase and Pennsylvania taxes at the end of the year. Also, if you possess more than one carton of out-of-state cigarettes, you could face criminal prosecution.

  • But, this is clearly not stopping people from chancing it.
  • WTAE ran a story Tuesday where one customer said he heard people were already going out of state after Pennsylvania’s tax hike and a West Virginia businesswoman said they’ve gotten more business from Pennsylvania residents.
  • Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that seeks to reduce tobacco use calculated that $8.27 is the average price of a pack of cigarettes in Pennsylvania with the higher tax rate.
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Cigarettes in Pennsylvania are now more expensive than in five of our six neighboring states. New York has the most expensive cigarettes in the country. However, if you were just going to stop off for a pack of cigarettes, you’d have to live pretty close to a border to make that trip financially viable.

The Tobacco-Free Kids nonprofit reports that cigarettes are $2.77 cheaper per pack in Delaware, $2.74 cheaper in West Virginia, $2.17 cheaper in Ohio, $1.67 cheaper in Maryland and 61 cents cheaper in New Jersey. Of course, your local prices may vary from the average. Let’s take a look at the math behind this.

With gas averaging around $2.30 per gallon in Southwestern Pennsylvania, according to, your cigarette run to West Virginia would have to take you less than 12 miles out of your way to break even with an average car that gets 24 miles per gallon,

  • Presumably, many people live too far away to make that trip for a single pack.
  • If you wanted a carton, or 10 packs, you could travel the 76 miles from Pittsburgh to Morgantown, West Virginia, and still save $13 after paying for gas.
  • This assumes that the typical bulk discount you get for buying a carton over the price of one pack would be the same in both states.) However, is it worth saving $13 when it means taking a three-hour drive? Putting a value on your time, you would be paying yourself less than $4.50 per hour to make that trip.

Your choice. Reach Eric Holmberg at 412-515-0064 or at [email protected], Follow him on Twitter @holmberges,

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Where is a pack of cigarettes most expensive?

Price Rankings by Country of Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) (Markets)

1. Australia 25.06 $
2. New Zealand 20.87 $
3. Ireland 14.66 $
4. United Kingdom 13.44 $
5. Norway 13.10 $

Can you buy cigarettes on Amazon?

Tobacco – You can find a variety of accessories for a smoking habit, like ashtrays, pipes, and cigarette paper, on Amazon, but don’t expect to find any actual tobacco products. E-cigarettes, regardless of whether or not they contain nicotine, are also a no-no on the site.

  1. It would simply be tedious for the company to verify the age of buyers ordering tobacco products online.
  2. In 2015, JAMA Pediatrics released a report revealing the ease with which minors could buy e-cigarettes online (76.5 percent of purchase attempts were successful).
  3. By taking themselves out of the equation, Amazon can make sure they aren’t violating any federal, state, or local laws.

If you do see tobacco for sale on Amazon, it’s probably an Amazon scam,7 / 15 dowell/Getty Images