How Long Is Ocean City Maryland?


How Long Is Ocean City Maryland
The sun and surf of Ocean City, Maryland, have been attracting visitors since Algonquian tribes first came to our beaches to fish and sun themselves. Europeans arrived in 1524 when Giovanni da Verrazano surveyed the east coast of North America. By the 17th century, British colonists had moved north from Virginia and settled in the area.

  • Due to Ocean City’s isolation as a barrier island, the town remained a sleepy fishing village until 1875, when the Atlantic Hotel began welcoming visitors.
  • The following year, the railroad bridged Sinepuxent Bay, and a resort was born.
  • In 1878, heroes took up residence. The U.S.
  • Life-Saving Service, an ancestor of today’s Coast Guard, established a station here.

Their mission: to venture out in stormy seas and rescue shipwreck victims. The second station, built in 1891, is now the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum, enshrining Ocean City’s history and saluting the brave men who worked here. As for the history of the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk: In 1900, our first wooden walkway was constructed.

Trimper’s Amusements opened shortly after. Unlike today, however, the boardwalk wasn’t a year-round fixture. The boards were actually taken up in the winter, and stored until the following spring! Ocean City’s inlet history is just as interesting. In August of 1933, a powerful storm ripped open a new channel from the bay to the ocean.

Engineers made the inlet permanent, and with its new harbor, Ocean City became one of the east coast’s premier sport fishing destinations–the White Marlin Capital of the World. And what railroads did for Ocean City vacations in the 19th century, bridges accelerated in the 20th.

In 1952, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge offered quick, direct access from Baltimore and Washington. In 1964, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel opened a direct connection to the Virginia Tidewater region. In a few short years, Ocean City, Maryland, established itself as the favorite resort for visitors from all over the eastern seaboard.

Today, Ocean City stretches along 10 miles of beautiful beach from the Inlet to the Delaware state line. Our classic wooden boardwalk offers nearly 3 miles of food, games and shopping. The Roland E. Powell Convention Center is a highly popular site for meetings of all sizes.

What is the length of Ocean City MD?

Economy – Ocean City Boardwalk at night Ocean City now extends just more than 9 mi (14 km) from the southern inlet to the Delaware line. The strip now supports hotels, motels, apartment houses, shopping centers, residential communities, and condominiums. The southern tip houses the Ocean City Boardwalk.

The boardwalk is the main shopping district and entertainment area of the town. The Boardwalk has two amusement parks, Trimpers Rides and The Pier, which was recently renamed Jolly Roger at The Pier, after its sister uptown local amusement park, The downtown neighborhood, Old Town, is marked by Victorian style houses and other older buildings.

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Ocean City has a long history of fishing, both commercial and recreational. The town bills itself as the “White Marlin Capital of the World.” During the summer numerous charter and private boats fish for billfish, tuna, wahoo, and other game fish. In early August, one of the largest fishing tournaments in the world, the White Marlin Open, is held.

Where does the Ocean City boardwalk start and end?

It’s starts on 1st street- 28th street along the ocean. over a year ago. South 2nd Street (the inlet) where you will find a fishing pier and an amusement park as well as several shopping sites as well as food etc. to 27th Street. The boardwalk is a little quieter at the 27th Street end.

Is Ocean City Maryland a party town?

Are you ready to rock? Up for some reggae? Looking for cool jazz or hot blues? You’ll find plenty of live music in Ocean City, Maryland’s bars and nightclubs. Hang out, chat with friends, or dance the night away. Plus, our famous boardwalk is three miles of pure evening entertainment. So put your party shoes on! Because Ocean City nightlife awaits.


    Where is the longest Boardwalk in the US?

    1. Atlantic City Boardwalk, New Jersey – The Atlantic City Boardwalk is the oldest in the United States and the longest in the world. First opened in 1870 and now spanning 5.5 miles, the Atlantic City Boardwalk is both the oldest in America and the longest in the world, garnering plenty of attention from East Coast visitors.

    Travelers fantasize about the Art Deco glamour and glitzy shows of Nucky Thompson ‘s heyday while munching on saltwater taffy from the James Candy Company (in business since the early 1900s) or indulging in an order of deep-fried oreos. Others may try their luck in one of the many casinos that dot the boardwalk.

    Though Atlantic City was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, loyalists are helping this shore spot bounce back with a vengeance. Where to Stay: Caesars Atlantic City Caesars is one of the oldest properties in Atlantic City, but extensive renovations have kept it feeling like one of the newest.

    Can you drink beer on Ocean City Beach?

    Other Important City Ordinances to Note – In Ocean City, we take laws related to alcohol consumption very seriously. Drinking alcoholic beverages in public is prohibited. This includes on any street, avenue, alleyway, sidewalk, beach, parking lot and vehicle in any of these areas.

    Can you drink alcohol in Ocean City?

    It’s certainly tempting – the picturesque landscape of the sun, sand, and glistening water. The urge to enjoy a drink by the sea is certainly powerful, but nonetheless, drinking alcohol of any kind on Ocean City’s beaches is not only illegal, but extremely unsafe.

    • Compounded by the heat, the dehydrating and disorienting effects of alcohol and impaired judgment, one can understand why Ocean City does not allow alcohol on its beach.
    • Alcohol depletes the body of the vital fluids it needs to keep a person up and running throughout the day and it can also give swimmers a false sense of confidence when it comes to ocean swimming.

    Many tourists are unfamiliar with the strict yet paramount laws and ordinances the resort town has enacted to protect its residents and tourists alike.

    What part of Ocean City MD is best?

    Boardwalk / Downtown, the best area to stay in Ocean City – If you want to be in the heart of the action in Ocean City, stay in Boardwalk! This three mile long strip simply has it all: from designer hotels to excellent restaurants and outdoor activities. It is without doubt the most popular touristy area in Ocean City and the best place to stay.

    • If you base yourself here, you will have the most convenient logistics for a range of activities.
    • Beach lovers will be in their element strolling along this beautiful Atlantic coastal stretch, and it provides great access to Ocean City Beach.
    • There is a lively nightlife in this area and many outdoor beach activities along the Boardwalk during summer.

    Tourists have a range of upmarket hotels to choose from in Boardwalk, which are perfect for both families and couples. All along the promenade, there are splendid local and international restaurants and cafés to enjoy with a sea view- particularly pleasant at sunset.

    Is Ocean City MD or NJ better?

    Battle of the Ocean Cities: New Jersey vs Maryland By Sarah Fertsch They share the same name, but who reigns as the Alpha Ocean City? While both are beach towns, they have very different qualities. Read on to learn about the similarities and differences between Ocean City, Maryland, and Ocean City, New Jersey. Scenes from the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland on Aug.7, 2019. Julia Hatmaker | [email protected] Ocean City in Maryland is completely different from its New Jersey twin. It starts with the people it attracts. Ocean City, Maryland draws a more adult crowd from Central Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

    This Maryland beach town is the home to several strip clubs, gay bars, and waterside resorts. Seacrets is the main attraction, taking up several blocks of beach property, and offers tens of restaurants and thrills for all kinds of (older) customers. The town appears to be a combination of Atlantic City and Wildwood.

    The island is three times the size of Ocean City, New Jersey. It consists of over 150 blocks compared to New Jersey’s 70 blocks or so. However, their boardwalks are almost identical in length, with Ocean City, Maryland’s boardwalk being 2.6 miles compared to New Jersey’s 2.5 miles.

    Even though they are similar in length, they differ vastly in composition. New Jersey’s boardwalk is consistently full of restaurants, rides, and attractions with spots of hotels and houses on the ends. Maryland’s boardwalk has a much smaller main drag, and the majority of the boardwalk consists of condos and hotels.

    Ocean City, New Jersey draws crowds because of the boardwalk, not simply in relation to it. The rides both draw tourists, specifically families. Ocean City, New Jersey has two main amusement parks: Gillian’s Wonderland Pier and Playland’s Castaway Cove. Ocean City, Maryland only has one: Trimper’s Rides. Trimper’s appears most like Castaway Cove.

    • They both have a thriller roller coaster and a spinning coaster, and seem pretty modern when it comes to new, exciting rides.
    • There are pros and cons to each beach town, as well as pretty big differences.
    • For one, Maryland’s Ocean City is the home to many bars and alcohol-serving restaurants.
    • Ocean City, New Jersey is a dry town, meaning that you need to head over the bridge to buy a beer.

    Also, Ocean City, New Jersey requires beach tags. Maryland beaches are free. Ocean City, Maryland houses tourists mainly in hotels, whereas the New Jersey town specializes in rental houses. The twin towns have rich histories. Both began as branches of the Coast Guard and served as “life-saving stations” in the mid-1800s.

    • OCMD was founded in 1875, and OCNJ in 1879.
    • Later, Ocean City, New Jersey evolved into a religious resort (one relic of the time: The Ocean City Tabernacle).
    • Ocean City, Maryland was founded as a resort by investors from Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore.
    • Ocean City, Maryland grew to become the #1 Maryland resort island and as a result, developed a huge profit for advertising and city life.

    Ocean City, New Jersey is forced to compete with the tens of islands dotting the Jersey Shore, such as Wildwood, Seaside Heights, and Atlantic City. It just doesn’t have the budget to compete at the same level. Prices are different, though. In Ocean City, NJ, you’ll find a hotel room for around $250 per night. In Ocean City, Maryland, you’ll find one for around $85 less. However, you’ll find cheaper rides, food, and fun in Ocean City, New Jersey compared to its southern counterpart.

    • You’ll taste the greatest fudge in New Jersey from Shriver’s, who opened their doors in 1898.
    • You’ll get there by bicycle, surrey, or on foot because unlike Ocean City, Maryland, its NJ twin has no tram car.
    • And while you are off the island, you can explore the exciting surrounding area, with Atlantic City just a tad north and Cape May down south.

    When it comes to Ocean City, Maryland, the main outside attraction is Assateague Island, a state park with beautiful beaches and wild horses. Ultimately, it comes down to this: Ocean City, New Jersey is America’s Greatest Family Resort, and Ocean City, Maryland caters more to mature vacationers. : Battle of the Ocean Cities: New Jersey vs Maryland

    How many streets are in Ocean City MD?

    Ocean City, MD is approximately 156 streets.